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5” G5 Hand Poured Swimbaits - G5 - 1024


5” G5 Hand Poured Swimbaits

The Ai G5 is 5-inches in length and is custom made and hand poured.  Sides of the mold are cut in a way to really enhance the colors as they take advantage of the unique scale pattern.

Other details of the G5 feature a jawline, gill plates, and eyebrows to complete the head. The tail design is thinner giving the bait a tighter tail kick swimming action, and feature a hook slot for easy hookups!

Try out the G5 today and see for yourself, this will be your new favorite swimbaits!

*Sold in packs of 5 custom G5 Swimbaits in a clamshell case.

* In addition to this great color, custom colors may be available by request also


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